Maurizio Furlani was born in Rome in 1959. He entered the world of music by studying piano which led to his passion and training in Music Composition.

The year 2015 was artistically a watershed year which led to a dramatic increase in Maestro Furlani’s compositions including:

Esprit”: Six Romantic Piano Pieces
Three Notes”: Five Piano Pieces – Ashley’s Song, Her River of  Tears, In her Shoes, Her Memories, Her Will to Live; performed for the first time by Roberto Prosseda
Honley Promenade”: Cello and Piano, inspired by the Moors of  Yorkshire and the Bronte Sisters
Meet me in Paris”: Saxophone and Piano which has received praise by Claude Delangle
Waves”: Based on his love of the sea
The Short Life of Istvan”: Oboe and Piano, in honor of a small boy killed in Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Dreaming of America”: Dedicated to the next President of the United States of America

Maurizio is not only a musician and composer but slowly and surely becoming an avid Poet. He published his first book of poetry in 2014, “POESIE DI TUTTO L’AMORE”.  In May 2016 his second book was published entitled “TRE ANNI DI POESIA”. The subject matter includes love, sufferance and the human condition.  He was recently recognized and awarded the Piemonte Award for Literature for the poem entitled: “The absolute fragility of words”.

Maurizio Furlani has been a Professor of Music at the Conservatory of Music in Latina, Italy since 1989. His love of music has inspired many students through the years who have gone on to become world renowned pianists. His favorite course study is: How to write a Score. This prepares students on how to compose and interpret music for the piano.

The CD “Romantic Piano and Strings” was distributed in 2011 by Flipper Music.

Some of Maurizio Furlani’s works include “Daniel’s Theme” and “Vero Divertimento” and “Children” which were written specifically for the Saxophone.

In 1996 his encounter with Filippo Ottoni (story writer) inspired him to write “Selva Oscura” for the Radio-RAI.

Maurizio wrote for the Theatre throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s including “Sonata 1983” ,“Sonata omaggio a Hindemith” and “Sonata da Camera” which won him the Composition Contest of Camillo Milano in Genova.

German Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen had a positive influence which led him to write the “12 Piano Variations on K. Stockhausen’s Theme”.  In 1982 he composed “Concert for 4 Friends” which was performed and praised by Franco Mannino in the Rome Auditorium del Foro Italico-Rai.

For more works of Maestro Furlani please go to link of  Scores.